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James H. Prospective Patient

LVAD Daily Life

My daily routine:

1.  Do a self-check of the controller, check the readings, and check for alarms (low flow and power).

2.  Disconnect from remote power; connect to the batteries.

3.  If staying-in-the house, use controller bag supplied by the hospital.

4.  If going out, use fishing vest purchased from Bass Pro Shop.

5.  If going out take backup bag with me.  (extra controller and batteries).

6.  If returning home switch to controller bag.

6.  Before bed, switch out batteries with ones in backup bag.

7.  Put fresh batteries in backup bag.

8.  Put discharged batteries in charger.

9.  To bed, disconnect from controller bag batteries to remote power.

Note: if I'm going out to get testing, I'll usually use controller bag; wires in the fishing vest will interfere with chest xrays.

Note2:  I normally use wipes to clean myself; taking a shower is not easy with the shower bag and tagamart covering my driveline dressing; I have to change out the driveline dressing after shower because the tagamart sticks to the dressing.

Note3:  I change my driveline dressing on Sunday morning.

Note4:  Even though it is rare, I sometimes lose power, usually in the middle of the night.  I had an emergency standby power generator installed ($8500.00); it cycles power within 10 secods.  In 6 months this has only happened once.

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Larry B.

This will save you a lot of problems when taking a shower. I get the three fold 4x4 gauze sponges and tape it over my drive line dressing and cover it with the tegaderm. Works perfect. I take a shower every morning and my dressing never gets wet.Pic

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Robert B.

Good Evening

My daily routine goes like this:


1 Wake up walk to the bathroom . a0do the normal weigh in ,wash and clean up.

2) Back to the bedroom and change the connection from the wall cord to the batteries

3 Dress in clean clothes.

4) Check the following 

a) Check the Heart Mate 3  readings RPM, Flow, PI, Power, Control Battery Charge and then System Check.

b) Check and record Temp, Ox %, 

have breakfast.control unit performance

Evening   Wash up


1) Prepare the wall cord for change over

2) Select two charged batteries from the charger

3) Install the batteries as trained white first followed by the black terminals

3) Apply the Ox canular and tubing

4) Get into bed  and hope I can get some sleep

Wake up and do it again.

Imm so glad I can wake uo and do it all again. Iys better than the alternative 




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I'm 62.

1. Wake up between 7-8am.

2. Weigh myself.

3. Drink 1 Liter of water.

4. Walk up and down stairs for about 15 minutes.

5. Workout 1hr. I do weight exercises from physical therapy. Sometimes I walk 3 miles or ride my trike 10 miles; weather permitting.

8. Do 8 minute stretch routine.

9. Take morning meds.

10. Make coffee

11. Birdbath (Shower/Dressing change every 3-4 days; more often if I sweat a lot)

12. Get dressed.

13. Eat breakfast (2 poached eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peppers, zuchini, hot pepper cheese, avocado, meat)

14. Go to my office and work my business.

15. Take afternoon meds.

16. Lunch

17. Come home 8pm

18. Relax/Read

19. Take bedtime meds and go to sleep.

I do intermittent fasting to control my weight. I eat for 8 hours, and fast for 16 hours. I use the free version of the fastic app. 2 liter fluid minimum. 2g sodium limit.

Everyone is different.

@LVADMat on Instagram

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Stan C.

I shower once/week and use a 3M Tegaderm Film 6in x 8in over the driveline bandage.  I clean up every other day using an adult wash cloth I get from Amazon.  They are actually designed to clean up from incontinence but work great for a shower substitute also.  I use 2-3 each time to get all areas as they are much easier than actual soap and water.  I actually learned of them from a post on here!  😁


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Lynn M.

Hi guys, 1st time writing on here. Enjoy reading all your stories. We have a friend of my husband’s who is staying with us and he had a LVAD put in about 6 months ago. He doesn’t seem to be much better than before the LVAD. He is in bed more than out. He doesn’t really exercise unless we push him to do it. He is lazy and will admit it. I just don’t know what to think. The Dr. Said he would feel so much better after the surgery but just doesn’t seem like it. Thx for listening. 

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ron l.

Hi. Seems that most every post I’ve read stresses the importance of physical therapy in order to improve, which precedes doing/feeling better. Maybe not in every case, but maybe in most. All the best..