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  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 1 month 2 weeks
  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 11 months 1 week
  • Last activity 3 days 4 hours
    Has anyone seen single dating sites that cater to LVAD patents? If not someone should start one. Think of the advantages. No explanations needed, no hiding your equipment, and you can share batteries if one of you gets low.
  • Clothing Options
    Last activity 1 week 10 hours
    This is my first post. My husband has had his LVAD for five weeks now, and I want to share this web site with you all for making your life easier with a LVAD. My husband is so grateful to discover how this shirt gave him freedom to do daily life activities.
  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 1 week 1 day
    I'm scheduled for my LVAD on 7/17/18. I have done a lot of research but can't seem to find much about bras. I'm a big breasted woman and worry that the weight of my breasts will pull on the incision and either tear it or at least increase the pain.
  • Last activity 1 week 5 days
    I was just slightly winded, short of breath, even though I hadn't walked far. I had been fit and healthy my entire life so whatever was wrong couldn't be serious, I thought. I was diagnosed with heart failure in October 2009.
  • Recipient Support
    Last activity 2 weeks 5 hours
    Hello, my name is Chris and I have had my HeartWare LVAD for a little over a year now.
  • Last activity 2 weeks 5 hours
    Hi guys,
  • Last activity 2 weeks 12 hours
    Hi everyone. New to forum have had HeartWare LVAD for a little over a year now. Looking for some advice on what course of action to take when I get low flow alarms. Usually my team tells me to hydrate myself and call back if issue hasn’t been resolved.
  • Last activity 2 weeks 15 hours
    Evening all, UNOS the organ transplant coordinators are changing how Xplants are to be listed. I realize that the majority of us are probably DT and not BT.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 2 weeks 5 days
    Hello. I am new to this site. I had a week long work up in June to see if I was a candidate for a LVAD at this time. I was told that I am too healthy at this time and the surgery would be too risky.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 2 weeks 6 days
    Hi friends -- My dad will be returning home from the hospital with an LVAD sometime in the next week, and I'm trying to help him out by purchasing some gear/accessories that will make his life a little easier and more comfortable once he gets here and adjusts to his new equipment.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 3 weeks 12 hours
    My father just got the heartmate 3 and was recently sent home. He is having some back pains from mostly laying in a hospital bed for the past 3 weeks so I wanted to take him to get a massage but we are afraid that they might mess with the driveline.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Last activity 3 weeks 14 hours
    FOR FASTEST RESPONSE, Please email for instructions directly at
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 3 weeks 1 day
    I just got out of the hospital. Had my VAD placed almost 3 weeks ago. Can you guys share tips and hints on how to wear my VAD? I have a Heartware 2. Thank you
  • Last activity 3 weeks 1 day
    I am a 10 stone lady who has had a LVAD fitted in oct 2017 and find the batteries very heavy and awkward but I have heard that new small ones are coming vry soon is that true
  • Last activity 4 weeks 12 hours
    Am I alone in finding the Heartmate 11 controller difficult to sleep with. The power module leads have a tendency to wrap themselves around the controller during the night which invariably wakes me up. Any hints or tips?
  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 1 month 5 days
    My wife and I first got initiated to our lvad and heart transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University by meeting the various teams who eventually would be treating me for the end stage of my 17 year battle with heart failure.
  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 1 month 6 days
    Dear LVAD community, Do you know anybody who has had had their LVAD removed due to improved heart function after the patient had an ischemic heart attack?
  • Recipient Support
    Last activity 1 month 1 week
    I've been trying to get some information about trying to do yoga with the lvad and how to get started. Has anyone tried or is anyone doing it? . At being 63yrs.old, I need some form of exercise; I would appreciate it. Thank you and Peace be with you.